Hey Baby!

In August of 2014, I posted a (since lost) blog post with photos and details from our wedding.  It was super small, planned in less than a week, and, well, it happened eight months prior.  I really like to tell people big news in person, or at least in a personal way if I don’t see them for a while.  While I appreciate social media and how it allows us to keep up with people we know and love, I also don’t want one of my aunts, cousins, or long distance friends to find out I got married via Facebook, ya know?  It’s nice to see people’s reactions and be able to hug them, and at the very least, imagine them finding out in a more personal way.

Early last summer, Sean and I welcomed the news that we are expecting our first baby.  Needless to say, we are over the moon excited!  We shared the news with our immediate families and closest friends, and then gradually started sharing with the family and friends we’ve seen.  Anyone who we haven’t seen was told by way of our Christmas card, which HEY! I actually got around to mailing out this year!!

Timing-wise, it has been perfect.  I photographed two weddings right after I found out, and then had two slow summer months to finish out the first trimester, in which I basically (and necessarily) hibernated.  As soon as I hit my second trimester, I was feeling better and more energetic as wedding season began, and I worked every weekend from September to early December.  This baby has been so good to me so far already, tagging along to weddings, engagement sessions, and family sessions all over New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, with nary a complaint and, for the most part, incognito.  I don’t know if it was just perfect timing or if this kid is just crazy cooperative, but during my last wedding weekend of the year, my dress pants fit fine on Friday, and would no longer fasten by the end of my last wedding on Sunday!  

Since the end of the busy season, this baby and belly seem to be growing by the hour, and I’ve been getting plenty of rest between my last few sessions, working from home on editing & design work, sorting out the web issues we had over the fall (switching web & email hosts, yay!), and being so spoiled by Sean, the dogs, and the rest of my family.  I have three sessions left over the next two weeks, and then I’m taking a little hiatus from shooting until mid-April to slow down, rest up, and enjoy this transition into parenthood.  Well, sort of hiatus, because let’s be real, we all know this baby will be heavily photographed.

Last weekend, we ventured out in the fresh snow to one of my favorite local spots, Long Dock Park in Beacon, to take some quick photos.  We lasted all of ten minutes, but Sean made me super proud (as always) with his skills behind the camera.  Now if only I could convince him to be my second shooter… 😉

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