Happy New Year!

photo by Summer Roars

Happy New Year! And happy almost anniversary since the last time I posted a blog… oops. While I’m not crazy about the fact that I’ve been mostly MIA on social media and the blog over the past year, I’ve spent my time photographing beautiful weddings and engagements, new babies and growing families, my own baby! …who also requires a lot of time off-camera, who knew? And then, in the peak of wedding season, we decided to buy a house! Actually, we decided to buy a house much earlier in the year, we just really lucked out in having the closing fall right in that sweet spot of time where everything else was INSANE, because that’s how things always happen, isn’t it?

As the holidays wind down and the quietness of January settles in, I am taking some giant deep breaths for the first time in forever, and wondering how it’s been a year since I’ve updated this space, and also, I have a ten month old now? A talking, almost-walking, personality-filled charmer, who calls me “MAAAAHHH!” and “MAAAAAAAM” and “Amamamamama” and will immediately perk up and cheese for the camera when he spots one. Is anyone surprised?

This year is already off to a great start, and as I finish delivering my final few galleries from 2018, I’m excited to revitalize this space and start sharing some of my favorite shoots from the past year. Thanks so much for being here.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

xo Jac

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