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Hi! I'm Jackie.


I've been photographing weddings and families since 2007 and I love what I do.

I married my best friend, Sean, in 2014. We live in Walden, New York with our three children, James, Isla, and Callum.


and keep tremendouslyyou're passionate about"Find somethinginterested in it."- Julia Child


My favorite things include: baby laughs, exploring new places, coffee on the front porch, really great dance parties, experiencing different cultures, choosing wines based mostly on the label art, working in the garden, exploring new places, good books, hammocks, and - more than anything else - Sean, James, Isla, and Callum.




Growing up, I was always acutely aware of how fleeting moments are, and I have made it my life's work to capture and savor the best ones. In 2006, when I fell head over heels for my newborn nephew, I found the work of photographer, Wendi Hiller, who captured childhood in a way that was natural and authentic, through images that were striking, beautiful, and timeless. I focused my artistic efforts into photography as a medium, and set out in the pursuit of creating images that would resonate with people, of the thing that matters most: family. Eager to learn, I tracked down the first photography-related internship I could find: a small, Manhattan-based wedding studio, representing four award-winning female photographers. Inspired by their ability to transport a stranger in a studio to the sweet, poignant, often emotional, and sometimes hilarious interpersonal moments of the day, I fell in love with weddings (a feeling that was later confirmed during my first experience with the Hora, camera in hand). After a year of learning from the best, I set out to capture weddings on my own.


Twelve years later, I've been privileged to capture countless moments for hundreds of families from the very start. Armed with much better cameras, the ability to anticipate a moment, and over a decade of experience working with families from varying backgrounds, cultures, and dynamics -

I spend my time telling the stories of growing families.


Things that matter to me: FAMILY. creating. nights spent gathered with loved ones around the table. the kind of stories that get told over and over again. a sense of humor. capturing real moments. enjoying a cup of coffee. learning. adventure. the view from the top. tangible memories. printed photos. building a happy home. muddy kids. farm to table. authenticity. being nice to people. saying thank you. feeling inspired. loving what I have. loving what I do.


Things that don't matter much to me: follower counts. getting published. trendy editing styles. pushing people into booking with me. comparing my work to that of others. posing babies in any type of hanging contraption. making you stand like a mannequin for portraits. booking 87354254208734 weddings (I only do a limited number per year).


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