Jess & John’s Engagement Session at Awosting Falls

Ohh winter engagement sessions, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

  1. I love Johnny & Jess. They are the sweetest, most down to earth couple, and I love that they are such good friends. Those smitten sideways looks they give each other also give me major heart eyes.
  2. Maybe all engagement sessions should start with beers and chats? I love when we incorporate beer, or coffee, or food, or whatever you’re into, into engagement photos. One time it was shots of Jamieson at 9am. One time it was pancakes at a diner, one time it was forties under the most gorgeous weeping beech tree. YOU GUYS DO YOU! I am here for it!
  3. I cannot get enough of this soft diffused winter light, bouncing off of all the snow and ice, creating ideal lighting conditions for those of us who spend so much of our lives calculating best light based on sunrise and sunset. Winter time? IT’S ALL GOLD.
  4. The Ice. It’s beautiful! It’s cold. It’s SO slippery, and also incredibly entertaining. I almost ate it going down the trail to the falls, but after some very cartoon-like flailing, managed to catch myself. I swear, my camera is some sort of magical falling-deterrent, because I gain a ton of grace and dumb luck the moment that thing is in my hand. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. While we were tucked into an alcove on one of the trails, one hiker took a big spill and laid there laughing so hard for a full five minutes before she was able to claw her way over to a spot with a bit more traction. We did make sure she was ok and offered assistance before we all joined her laughter. That ice, it really brings people together!
  5. Awosting Falls is gorgeous. It’s basically a photographer’s dream location, which makes run ins with industry friends (Hi, Alicia!) an added bonus.
  6. Kateigh actually deserves like 5/6 of the numbers on this list. Not only is she my long time friend / other half, but she is crazy talented and we work so well together. Over the years, I’ve learned that having an associate photographer shoot a wedding under your name only works if you trust them 100% to capture a wedding the same way you would, and that’s not something I’m willing to compromise on. To expand on that, half of the photos in this post were taken by me and half were taken by Kateigh, with all post-production work done by me. Can you tell the difference?I’m so excited to have a handful of close colleagues who I’ve worked alongside over the past few years who can seamlessly fill my shoes on the wedding day when I can’t physically be there. The biggest bonus for me, though, is doing fun engagement sessions like this where we literally laugh the entire time and create pure magic together. Hashtag dream team.
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